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£735,000 Commercial Re-Mortgage Completed 

My name is Tom Brogan Cert CII (MP) and I am the Commercial Property Finance Broker here at Approved Finance Group. Recently we completed a Commercial Re-Mortgage on a Semi-Commercial property owned in the clients’ personal names.

The client went to their bank who were unable to lend as they did not offer finance against commercial investment properties. The bank’s Business Development Manager then referred the client to us through our Approved Tax team thanks to the strong business relationship Approved and the Bank have fostered. 

The client was looking to raise finance against this unencumbered (no mortgage) investment property to invest in a new start-up business!

Raising these funds will allow the client to get their business off the ground and provide the foundation for what they hope to be a hugely successful venture going forward.

During the course of the application, the lender reduced their interest rates which I was able to take advantage of, thanks to my close monitoring ensuring the client always got the best deal.

Are you in need of a commercial Re-mortgage? To find out more information on how this product can benefit you - click the link below or to speak to a member of our Property Finance team, call us on 01908 429888 or email us at


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