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Maintain healthy cash flow for
your business with Invoice Finance.


What is Invoice Finance?

Maintaining a healthy cash flow is challenging in today’s economic climate, where companies often delay settling their dues to optimise cash reserves and uphold financial stability.

At Approved Finance Group, we understand the critical importance of robust cash flow for your business. We specialise in securing invoice finance solutions tailored to your needs, providing a powerful financial tool for success. Invoice finance enhances cash flow management by bridging the gap between sales and the receipt of payments from debtors, giving you immediate access to your funds and bypassing the usual wait associated with payment terms.

Applying for invoice finance is straightforward and swift. Once Approved Finance Group approves your application, you can access the funds in as little as 24 hours, providing the liquidity necessary for seamless operations.


The information you provide will be used by Approved for the purpose of determining your eligibility and may be used to contact you about your quote. See our full data privacy notice for details on how we process client personal information.

Potential Uses for Invoice Finance

You want quick access to cash tied up in invoices, aiding in day-to-day expenses and addressing cash flow needs.

You want to fuel growth by financing initiatives like new locations, marketing, hiring, or investing in equipment.

You need helps towards consolidating debts and managing payments, easing financial strain and enhancing stability.

You want to smooth out cash flow by converting unpaid invoices into immediate funds, sustaining operations during slow seasons.


Approved Finance Group understands that maintaining a healthy cash flow is paramount for sustained growth and operational stability. Our Invoice finance offers a strategic solution, bridging the gap between sales and receivables to provide immediate access to funds.

You should consider Invoice Finance if:

Ease Your Cash Flow with Invoice Finance

If your business regularly generates invoices for customers, Invoice Finance might be a valuable cash flow strategy for your business. So, why wait? Get paid fast and efficiently.

The product is simple, lenders pay you in advance for the value of the invoice immediately. Instead of waiting days or weeks for your invoices to be paid by customers, your business can get paid faster for completed work, allowing you to concentrate on running your business.

Invoice finance can come in a variety of forms, most commonly; Invoice Factoring, Invoice Discounting or even Spot Factoring. Which product is right for you? It's simple, just ask yourself, how much control do you want. Once Approved Business Finance has established your wants and needs, we can identify the right Invoice Finance product for you.

Other Approved Finance Services For You

We understand the complexities of business finance and have the expertise to secure funding for your next venture, whether it's working capital, equipment purchases, or expansion projects. With market-leading business finance products and best-in-class rates, Approved is ideally positioned to deliver your funding solution.


Finance the assets that your business needs to grow whilst managing cash flow and maximising profits.


Never Miss Another Opportunity Again With Our Flexible Business Loans.


Unlock valuable working capital against assets that your business already owns.




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How It Works

Discover our streamlined process for securing tailored financial solutions. We keep our business finance options transparent, with no hidden fees or unpleasant surprises. This is business finance made easy. Our no-obligation application won't impact your credit score.



Fast Application In Seconds

Share basic information about you, your business and finance requirements by applying online or calling.


Understanding Your Business

A dedicated account manager will discuss your requirements and gather necessary documentation. 


Receive Your Free Quote

We'll discover the best deals, handle applications for you, and provide a quote with no obligations.


Get Your Funds Fast

Once approved, we'll get funds to your preferred business bank account or pay a supplier on your behalf.


"Tom and the team at Approved are the real deal! Exceptional service, act fast and get results. So glad I found this company! All super friendly too!"

James Bonny

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