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I am thrilled to share the successful completion of a significant milestone by our dedicated Property Finance team at Approved Finance Group. As the Head of Property, overseeing this venture has been immensely rewarding.

Recently, we closed a substantial £3 million Commercial Investment Loan deal for our client, who was looking to navigate the complexities of refinancing 13 diverse properties, including hotels and restaurants. The motivation behind this move was the conclusion of their loan agreement with the previous provider, prompting a strategic refinance.

Navigating the intricacies of this deal was no small feat, especially considering the mixed trading history of these properties, a direct consequence of the challenges posed by the ever-evolving landscape of COVID-19. However, our expert team, led by yours truly, rose to the occasion with seamless precision.

What makes this achievement even more satisfying is the multifaceted nature of the refinance. Beyond the essential debt restructuring, we orchestrated a part buyout and bolstered their working capital. The tangible outcome? A remarkable £144,000 annual interest repayment saving compared to their previous debt structure, a clear testament to the enhanced cost efficiency we were able to deliver.

I extend my sincere appreciation to the entire Property Finance team, including the dedicated efforts of Kelly Moody, Tom Brogan Cert CII (MP), and Lucy Kettel. Their hard work and commitment played a pivotal role in making this deal a resounding success.

Special recognition is also due to Steve Spinks from Allica Bank, our invaluable partner in securing this commercial loan. Teamwork truly makes the dream work.

For those intrigued by the possibilities of a commercial investment property loan, I invite you to explore further at the link below. Alternatively, connect with our dynamic Property Finance team at 01908 429888 or



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