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Approved Short-Term Loans to Bridge the Financial Gap. 


What are Bridging Loans?

Bridging loans are short-term solutions for financing the purchase or renovation of commercial real estate. These loans provide quick access to capital, secured against the property, allowing borrowers to seize opportunities without waiting for long-term financing.

They enable investors and developers to start projects quickly, maximize returns, and take advantage of market conditions. Bridging loans can be used for buying, building, or refurbishing commercial properties and are commonly used by business owners, developers, landlords, and investors.

Typically lasting up to 12 months, bridging loans offer a temporary solution until long-term financing is available, usually from a property resale or refinance. These loans are quick and easy to arrange, often completed within a few weeks.

The information you provide will be used by Approved for the purpose of determining your eligibility and may be used to contact you about your quote. See our full data privacy notice for details on how we process client personal information.

Potential Uses for Bridging Loans

Bridging loans provide short-term financing to address immediate financial needs before longer-term funding is available. They offer flexibility and quick access to funds, making them ideal for property purchases, renovations, auction purchases, and short-term cash flow challenges

You might consider applying for a Bridging Loan if:

You want Secure immediate funds to purchase a property while awaiting long-term financing or the sale of another property.

You want finance urgent renovations or repairs to increase a property’s value before selling or refinancing.

You are wanting to quickly obtain funds to buy properties at auctions where immediate payment is required.

You want to address short-term cash flow issues or unexpected expenses, ensuring a healthy future.


Bridge the Gap with Approved Property Finance

Businesses should utilise Commercial Bridging Finance by Approved Property Finance for its reliable and expert service. With quick capital access, flexible terms, and a trusted reputation, Approved Property Finance enables businesses to bridge financial gaps, seize opportunities, and expedite commercial property projects with confidence and ease.

Other Approved Property Finance Services

We understand the complexities of property finance and have the knowledge to secure your next bridging, mortgage or development project. With market-leading property finance products and best-in-class rates, Approved are ideally placed to deliver your funding solution. 


Utilise secured, long-term loans against property to acquire or invest in commercial real estate.


Acquire essential capital to fund expenses like land acquisition, planning permissions, and related costs.


Purchase or refinance residential properties for renting, whether personally owned or through a Limited company.




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How It Works

Discover our streamlined process for securing tailored financial solutions. We keep our business finance options transparent, with no hidden fees or unpleasant surprises. This is business finance made easy. Our no-obligation application won't impact your credit score.



Fast Application In Seconds

Share basic information about you, your business and finance requirements by applying online or calling.


Understanding Your Business

A dedicated account manager will discuss your requirements and gather necessary documentation. 


Receive Your Free Quote

We'll discover the best deals, handle applications for you, and provide a quote with no obligations.


Get Your Funds Fast

Once approved, we'll get funds to your preferred business bank account or pay a supplier on your behalf.


"Tom and the team at Approved are the real deal! Exceptional service, act fast and get results. So glad I found this company! All super friendly too!"

James Bonny

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