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£80,000 Finance Lease for Audio Production Company.

Updated: May 13

A finance deal for £80,000 of audio equipment

Recently, we facilitated a finance lease for a UK-leading company who specialises in professional audio productions for installations and live events across the country.

This company was keen on expanding its operations and approached us for financing to procure several high-end speaker systems and studio equipment. These acquisitions were pivotal in ensuring the business could maintain its reputation for delivering top-notch audio experiences to its clients, thereby boosting profitability.

Utilising our extensive network comprising over 125 lenders, I was able to successfully match the client with an ideal lender, resulting in a substantial £80,000 finance lease agreement.

If you're a business seeking similar financial solutions such as finance leases or asset finance facilities, we provide industry-leading services with streamlined application and approval processes.

Feel free to reach out to me at 07801 298198 or via email at for further inquiries or assistance.



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