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Seasonal payment allow you to restructure your payment plan, easing the financial pressure that comes with quieter winter months.

Construction slows down in winter as wet weather and cold temperatures cause increased preparation time before building onsite. Winter can also cause materials to deteriorate and freeze the ground, making it impossible to build. Most constructions also slow down in winter for safety reasons. Shorter days also mean slower progress as there are not as many daylight hours for work available.

Due to the decreased business, winter months are often some of the most financially challenging for construction firms. They often find themselves with lower revenue streams making monthly finance payments more difficult, putting a strain on finances and staff.

With Seasonal payments you are able to pay less during the quieter months, when cash flow is lower and then pay more during busier periods like summer. This allows you to still finance and use assets, just with offset costs and reduced stresses typically associated with winter. Different industries operate differently, yet their product finance is not.

At The Approved Finance Group, we can create payment plans tailored to your businesses seasonal needs! So what can seasonal payments look like?

Are you a business owner thinking about the possibility of asset finance? Click HERE for a comprehensive insight.

If you believe your business could benefit from and wish to seasonal payments and wish to explore your options, reach out to us today. You can contact us at 01908 429888 or email us at Let us help you achieve your business goals!

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