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Avoiding a Financial Pinch in the New Year

Feeling the January blues?

Navigating business cash flow during the new year can be challenging. Fortunately, there are cost-effective funding options that can assist you in accessing cash and fostering business growth in 2024.

Business Loan

A financial boost can significantly impact the beginning of your year. Manoeuvre through seasonal lows and late payments effectively with a business loan.

Safeguard your cash flow by planning ahead and opting for swift, cost-effective, and consistent monthly payments through an unsecured cash advance. Alternatively, you can leverage the equity from your existing assets to bolster your financial standing.

Invoice Finance

Access funds owed to you through an invoice finance facility. If you've finished the work and are waiting for payment, an invoice finance solution can expedite the payment process, providing your business with prompt compensation for outstanding invoices.

This adaptable option allows for regular monthly payments or specific transaction-based settlements, safeguarding your cash flow, preventing liquidity gaps, and supporting

ongoing growth.

Equipment Finance

Utilizing equipment finance offers an excellent solution for acquiring new equipment or refinancing existing ones for your business, with the convenience of affordable monthly payments.

Through options like hire purchase or lease hire agreements spread over several

years, you can strategically invest in the necessary equipment to expand or streamline your business, all while safeguarding your cash flow.

Are you a business owner thinking about the possibility of asset finance? If so then you can contact us at 01908 429888 or email us at Let us help you achieve your business goals!


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