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My name is Emily Skellham, your Head of Credit here at Approved Finance Group, and i'm excited to share with you a recent finance success story achieved in the food manufacturing industry.

This company approached me in search of finance for a brand new chocolate tempering machine to help update the equipment used to create their chocolate containing products. Updating this this would greatly improved production across the board. This problem was identified as a productivity bottleneck and therefore will result in increased long term business production.

With our extensive network of over 125+ lenders, I successfully connected the client with the perfect lender, securing a hire purchase deal for an impressive £94,000! With this deal there were a number problems associated, including the payment being required in advance, foreign supply routes, the payment being in Euros and the extremely remote location of the business.

Are you a business owner thinking about the possibility of asset finance? Click the link below for a comprehensive insight:


Alternatively, you can reach out to Emily today at 01908 429888 or email her at to discuss your finance options.

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