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£80,000 TB40 City Pump Concrete Line Pump Financed

Updated: Apr 19

I'm Matthew Dashwood-Smyth, Business Development Director at the Approved Finance Group. Recently, I finalised a deal for a valued client, securing £80,000 in financing for a Mitsubishi Turosol Model TB40 City Pump Concrete Line Pump. Our partners at Utranazz facilitated the hassle-free sourcing of all equipment.

Leveraging our extensive network of over 125+ lenders, I arranged the deal seamlessly, ensuring the business obtained the exact piece of machinery they required.

In need of HGV or Plant equipment? Or maybe even considering refinancing existing assets? 

Asset Finance is a financial alternative that businesses can employ to expand their operations by obtaining essential equipment, including vehicle fleets, heavy machinery and plant equipment. Instead of purchasing the assets outright and incurring the complete cost, you make regular payments to utilise the asset for a predetermined duration.

Asset Refinance can be used for traditional hard assets such as; Commercial and Business Vehicles, CNC Machinery, Plant Equipment, and Fort-lifts. What can you use your unlocked funds for? Whatever your business needs! In many ways, this finance product is a no-brainer if your business has valuable assets.

If interested, Contact me, the Approved Plant Equipment and Truck specialist - Matthew Dashwood-Smyth on 01908 429888 or email me at

Alternatively, you can click the link below to access our Asset Finance webpage, where you can find all the information you need to know about and how this finance product can benefit your business:



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