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R&D TAX CLAIM SUCCESS: How SRD Engineering Unlocked £323,000 in Innovation Rewards!

I'm Shiv Halai, the Managing Director here at Approved Tax, and I'm thrilled to share an incredible success story with you all.

It all started when our exceptional Approved Tax team was introduced to a valued client from Approved Finance Group through Co-Director Tom Sudds. Together, we embarked on a journey that would ultimately bring a substantial tax benefit of £323,000 to a leading UK Engineering firm in R&D Tax Claims.

When this client first connected with our team, they were met with skepticism from previous accountants who claimed that claiming £323,000 for their innovative activity was impossible. But we believed otherwise, and together, we unveiled a world of possibilities.

In 2021, we secured an impressive £169,000 for their innovative efforts, followed by an equally remarkable £154,000 for 2022. This achievement not only fuelled our client's ambition but also encouraged them to explore asset finance for further business growth and qualifying projects.

Working alongside our Approved Tax team, we realised that our client could have claimed for the past eight years of their business activities if they had connected with us sooner!

This revelation is precisely why we're passionate about encouraging businesses, particularly those in the engineering sector, to speak to our specialised tax team.

If you're part of the engineering industry, like our esteemed client, and haven't explored the potential of R&D Tax Claims, now is the perfect moment to take action! Our dedicated tax team, led by yours truly, Shiv Halai, is here to guide you through this opportunity and unlock the rewards of your innovation-driven journey.

So, let's not allow past misconceptions to hold us back. Innovation deserves recognition and reward, and at Approved, we're here to make it happen for you.



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