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£75,000 Business Loan for Freighting Company

Hi, i'm George Tartaglia, a Senior Finance Broker her at the Approved Finance Group and I have a very exciting Finance deal to share! I recently facilitated an Unsecured Business Loan for a industry leading freighting services business based here in the UK.

This thriving business approached me looking for funds to help with their expansion into 2024. The primary reason for the loan facility being the industry wide delay of late payments for completed contracts which has subsequently delayed the start of new projects.

With our extensive network of over 125+ lenders, I successfully connected the client with

the perfect lender, securing an unsecured business loan for £75,000!

Are you a business looking for a business loan? Unsecured business loans present a streamlined application and approval process, offering a valuable opportunity for businesses, particularly those without substantial collateral, to allocate funds flexibly and realise their growth aspirations.

Want to find out more about unsecured loans? Read our detailed article all about them found here

If you believe your business could benefit from a business loan and wish to explore your options, reach out to me today. You can contact me at 01908 429888 or email me at


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