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£409,882 Financed For Brand New Containers

Hi i'm senior finance Broker, Andrew Hubbard and I have an exciting deal to share with you. I recently secured a massive £367,284 hire purchase deal for one of the UK's largest container suppliers. 

The business approached me looking to finance the purchase of 44 mixed use rental containers, coming in various sizes. The containers include mix use containers, toilet block containers and office containers. This was all done through an Approved hire purchase agreement which will be spread over a 48 month period. This deal also included a massive VAT deferral, meaning the customer did not need to pay Value added tax on their purchase immediately!

Are you a business interested in asset finance

Asset Finance is a financial alternative that businesses can employ to expand their operations by obtaining essential equipment, including vehicle fleets, heavy machinery and plant equipment. Instead of purchasing the assets outright and incurring the complete cost, you make regular payments to utilise the asset for a predetermined duration.

Asset Refinance can be used for traditional hard assets such as; Commercial and Business Vehicles, CNC Machinery, Plant Equipment, Fork-lifts. What can you use your unlocked funds for? Whatever your business needs! In many ways, this finance product is a no-brainer if your business has valuable assets.

If you're interested in exploring the options for your company, don't hesitate to get in touch. I can be reached at 01908 429888 or via email at


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