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£593,000 Subway Franchise Refinanced

A £593,000 subway franchise refinance deal

My name is Kelly Moody and i am the Senior Finance Property Broker here at Approved Finance Group.

Today I am sharing a recent success story where we were able to facilitated a substantial property refinance deal worth £593,000 for a Subway franchise!

Initially, the company sought refinancing from another lender but couldn't secure the desired loan amount. Determined to release equity from their properties, they turned to us for help. Leveraging our extensive network of over 125 lenders, we were able to identify the perfect lender for their needs and successfully secured £593,000 in finance.

This also showcases our teamwork here at Approved Finance Group. Our Executive Director - George Dunn specialises in franchises and because of George, he was able to connect the property team to his client in order to make this refinance deal a reality for the client. 

Refinancing can be a highly effective way to unlock funds tied up in assets based on the equity you've accumulated. This process allows you to negotiate a repayment plan tailored to your specific needs. What can you use your unlocked funds for? The possibilities are endless—whether it's expanding your business, investing in new opportunities, or improving cash flow. For any business that owns property, refinancing is often a no-brainer.

Explore more about our specialist property finance options at Approved Business Finance.

To discuss how refinancing can benefit your business, contact Kelly at 01908 429888 or email her at Are you a Subway Franchisee looking to re-model or complete a new store fit-out? Head to our dedicated Subway franchisee page to make an enquiry today!


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