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Updated: Nov 22

R&D Tax Relief

Your company can claim R&D tax relief if you have undertaken activities which meet the 'R&D technical criteria' essentially, the criteria requires 'projects' to seek an advance in science and/or technology through the resolution of scientific and /or technological uncertainty. The key to identify and maximise an R&D claim is thorough understanding of the criteria and the associated eligible costs.


How can your Media and Telecommunications business benefit from R&D Credits?

The Technology, Media and Telecommunications sector includes a wide range of companies that depend on research & development to design and build new products and services. Our Approved specialists can help you identify R&D tax credit opportunities in this sector.

Areas of R&D Tax relief in the Tech & Media sector:

  • Content management systems

  • Internet of things and wearable devices

  • Cloud computing and edge computing

  • Mobile solutions and augmented reality

  • 5G and telecoms solutions

  • Gaming, 3D scanning and facial recognition

  • Blockchain, transaction processing, and data privacy

  • Personalised advertising, big data and machine learning

  • Digital transformation

Are there any risks?

It is worth remembering why the relief was introduced. HMRC introduced the scheme in order to incentivise innovative a efforts by companies to overcome scientific, technical or even business related challenges through the creation and enhancement of solutions/products.

Having said that, there is always the possibility that HMRC conducts an enquiry into an R&D tax relief claim, which could be through a random selection process.

However, only a very small percentage of our client's claims have been subiect to an enquiry. We have the industry experience as well as knowledge of the legislation and employ qualified engineer researchers and scientists to ensure our claims are accurate and justifier.

What are R&D Tax Credits?

In 2000, the UK government introduced R&D Tax Credits to encourage scientific and technological advances - they would then reward businesses that invested in innovation. However, only 20% of eligible businesses claim this relief scheme.

You may be carrying out qualifying R&D activity if you; Design New Products, Develop New Services, Create New Processes, Adapting Existing Processes or focus on Product Innovation

R&D Tax Credit scheme

Areas of R&D Tax Relief:

We have delivered successful claims which were prepared within two weeks. It however depends on the availability of company personnel to address any queries.

On average, once we have been engaged to prepare an R&D tax relief claim, it takes around two months to gather all details and submit the claim to HMRC. Once the claim is submitted, companies can expect to receive their benefit within four to six weeks. The whole process could therefore take just three to four months of sporadic work in all.

Our R&D Tax Claim Process

Discovery and assessment

Your dedicated ATL point of contact will work with you to identify the information needed to start your claim. Our specialist in-house team of advisers, technical consultants and industry sector specialists have extensive knowledge of the R&D Tax Credit scheme.

Information collation and analysis

Our specialist in-house team will give you the strategic advantage in identifying qualifying R&D within your business. We will work in tandem with your business to collate all the information needed to submit a successful claim through a tailored approach.

Building your R&D Tax Credit claim

We will build your claim and add the required evidence needed for HMRC. This will detail how your qualifying activities and associated costs have been assessed and the total R&D tax credit benefit. Our compliance measures will ensure you have a claim with strong foundations.

Approval and submission to HMRC

You will receive our reports for your approval. The reports will contain a breakdown of our findings and analysis. We will then finalise our report package and file your tax credit claim in conjunction with your Corporate Tax Return (CT6000).

Communication with HMRC

After the submission of your claim, we will continue to liaise with HMRC on your behalf to ensure a streamlined process. Our team will provide the necessary support and keep you up to date throughout the final stages of your claim.

Receipt of benefit funds and reinvestment

Your benefit is awarded for investment in innovation and your Corporation Tax Bill will be reduced or your cash benefit paid into your bank account. The Approved group can also facilitate the further investment in new equipment and projects to fuel further growth.

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