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Tips on growing a small business - from one that's been there

The SME count has increased by 2 million since 2000, intensifying competition among small businesses. Approved Finance Group offers five tips for scaling your small business:

1. Make a business plan

Creating a business plan is a fundamental step for strategic growth. Craft an actionable plan with realistic, measurable goals that align with your vision. This not only provides a clear roadmap for success but is crucial for securing funding and communicating your business's direction to stakeholders. A well-documented plan demonstrates commitment, foresight, and understanding of your industry, making it an essential tool for attracting investors and lenders. Additionally, the plan serves as a dynamic guide for decision-making, helping your business adapt to changing market conditions and ensuring sustainable growth. Regular updates keep the plan relevant and effective.

2. Invest in Technology

Use technology strategically to expand your business reach, enhance services, and manage increasing demand. Evaluate and optimize your existing technology and systems for improved efficiency. Leverage digital tools for marketing, social media engagement, and online presence to reach a wider audience. Consider cloud-based solutions for scalability, and invest in CRM systems for personalized customer interactions. Stay updated on emerging technologies in your industry to maintain a competitive edge and ensure sustained growth.

3. Build an Effective Team

Expand your team strategically by prioritizing individuals who align with your culture and share your ambition. Cultural fit ensures harmony and collaboration, fostering a cohesive work environment. Seek candidates with shared ambition, as their dedication and alignment with your long-term goals contribute to the organization's growth. Assess the team's current skill set, hiring those with diverse skills to address evolving challenges. Consider the timing and pace of expansion to align with workload and future needs, ensuring a well-rounded team that supports your business objectives effectively.

4. Implement Efficient Processes

Adapt and stay flexible in processes and systems as your business expands. Experiment to improve efficiency and streamline workflows. Embrace innovation to find optimal solutions for evolving needs. Anticipate challenges and swiftly address them by upgrading infrastructure or restructuring as necessary. Foster a culture of continuous improvement, encouraging feedback from all levels to ensure adaptability becomes ingrained in the organizational mindset.

5. Strengthen Finances

Expansion incurs increased costs. Utilize business finance to spread and manage these costs, preventing a significant financial burden all at once. Financing options provide flexibility, allowing gradual allocation of funds to specific expansion needs such as equipment, hiring, or marketing. This approach optimizes capital structure, preserves liquidity, and facilitates agile decision-making to seize growth opportunities.

As a rapidly growing small business, Approved understands the requirements for success and continues to thrive despite economic challenges.

Approved provides a complete range of finance solutions for small and medium businesses, operating a lending arm, as well as finance broking and a luxury car finance division.


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