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Updated: Nov 17, 2023

Hi, i'm Senior Finance Broker here at the Approved Group - George Tartaglia and I recently successfully facilitated a Hire Purchase finance deal for an established bottling company based in Northern Ireland that I would love to tell you about.

Using my knowledge and connections within the industry, I was able to arrange a Hire Purchase finance deal worth £170,000 for a brand new Automated bottling line. This was possible thanks to our 125+ lending panel. Our extensive panel of lenders gives us more options for lending, allowing us to meet unique needs and even providing finance solutions for businesses based in Northern Ireland without any issue!

The new automated line will be added to improved overall productivity. The new line is easy to operate, flexible and requires minimal maintenance, saving the customer both time and money.

Are you a business looking to expand? If you would like to look into Asset Finance and Hire Purchase then please follow the link HERE to learn more.

If you would prefer to talk to George today and discuss your options then don’t hesitate to reach out and call 01908 429888 or email him at



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