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£1,132,350 Semi Commercial Mortgage Completed

A £1,132,350 Semi-Commercial-Mortgage

Hi, i'm Kelly Moody - Senior Property Finance Broker here at the Approved Finance Group and i'm excited to share a deal I recently completed. Utilising my experience and connections within the industry I successfully completed a deal for a Semi-Commercial mortgage for a valued client. This deal being unique as it was a 100% funded purchase.

The client approached me looking for a Semi-Commercial Mortgage used to acquire a mixture of commercial and residential properties to build their property portfolio. 

Utilising our 125+ lending panel, I paired the client with the ideal lender, securing a 100% funded purchase £1,132,350 Semi-Commercial Mortgage.

Are you in need of a Commercial Mortgage? To find out more information on how this product can benefit you - click the link below or to speak to a member of our Property Finance team, call us on 01908 429888 or email us at


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