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We're committed to providing business owners with a transparent funding solution. To help you better understand the cost of business finance we've created this calculator. You'll be able to get an indicative idea of what it would cost you to secure that piece of equipment, growth strategy or working capital to support your business needs.

Got any questions? We're upfront about any related fees that are associated with our finance agreements, so just ask!

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*This business finance calculator is designed for indicative and illustration purposes only. The interest rate you secure is based on a credit assessment of you and your business circumstances. Rates can also vary dependent on the type of finance product you wish to proceed with. It is important to note that the calculator is non-inclusive of any other fees that may be attached to a finance agreement e.g. administration fees.

Indicative and intended as a guide only. Based on average rate of a Tier 1+ band business finance agreement.

Pallet Racking
Mezzanine Floors
Industrial Shelving
Maintenance & Service

Safe and professional

warehouse installation

and project delivery.

We have a wealth of knowledge which comes from working at the highest level at the UK’s largest Pallet Racking manufacturers, having sold and Project Managed orders in excess of £1.5m.

We understand that you want the best storage system possible, for the lowest possible price, not forgetting that you also need fast continuity of supply for extra components in the future and fast response times for when the unexpected happens.

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A new standard of

warehouse racking for a new breed of buildings.

For many years, companies have been storing pallets and boxes in the warehouses, and as technology in fork lift trucks has advanced, pallet racking has been able to reach higher.

Couple this with new construction methods and changes in the way consumers shop and it is no surprise warehouses have gotten bigger and bigger. Warehouse racking and the way we specify it needed to keep pace and we have. Find out more today.

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AlphaStor are experts in designing and supplying storage systems for warehouses. With first-hand experience gained working for two of the largest pallet racking manufacturers in Europe, handling some of the largest warehousing companies in the UK.

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